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Jolanda is a quilt specialist who uses her time to teach, design and sew quilts to a high standard. Her lifelong interest in textile history and thus also in patchwork and quilt history means that Jolanda always combines the old ways with modern designs. This leads to an interesting end result that awes all visitors to the studio.



A lot of Jolanda’s time is consumed by sewing, drawing new patterns, writing lessons, guiding holiday makers on textile tours and advising museums and colleagues on patchwork and quilt history and techniques.



When her work in the studio allows it, she opens her doors for the public to browse through the quilts and material supplies that she has at hand. At any time visitors can ask Jolanda for advice or more information on the background of her beloved work and the role Germans and German culture played in the development of the modern quilt.


Open Studio:


Tuesday 21 August 14.30-18.00 hrs

Tuesday 28 August 14.30-18.00 hrs


Saturday   8 September 10.00-14.00 hrs

Saturday 22 September 10.00-14.00 hrs

Saturday 29 September 10.00- 14.00 hrs


Thursday   4 October 10.00-14.00 hrs

Saturday  13 October 10.00-14.00 hrs

Saturday  27 October 10.00-14.00 hrs




Appointment by telephone 0049 5524 997106






Holidays 2018:



30 July until 15 August 2018

29 August until 5 September 2018

12 September until 17 September 2018

14 October until 20 October 2018

24 December until 4 January 2019

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