The Shop

Home of Jolanda has taken a long time to come into existence and the story starts in England. Jolanda lived there for thirteen years with her family. The spark of interest for quilts and patchwork became a passionate burning fire when Jolanda discovered that she could make the quilts herself.


After that it didn't take long for Jolanda to discover that one of the best hand quilters in England lived just around the corner from her, Jo Colwill. Here Jolanda studied the intricacies of the craft under the gentle hands of Jo for more than 6 years. Jolanda's fascination for everything historic supported her studies. She was shown many antique quilts by private people and had the good fortune to visit many exhibitions of old needlework and ancient quilts.


After a long time of demonstrating hand quilting on shows, Jolanda finally took the plunge to open her own patchwork and quilt shop. Mainland Europe called and Jolanda quickly found an enchanting house in the middle of Germany in the oldest mountain range of Europe, the Harz, a nature reservation park.


The fairy tale setting of the shop has inspired Jolanda to teach and create many new quilts. Her passion for fabric, the inherited gentle touch for teaching from Jo and her background in art are clearly visible during a visit to the shop. A touch of English Country Style mixed with love of everything hand made and a welcoming hostess makes this hide out in the middle of nowhere a must see for every patchworker and quilter out there.