Home of Jolanda offers a wide range of courses. The aim is always to teach in small groups so that every student gets the time he/she deserves. When you do not find the course you want, you can ask Jolanda to teach you individually. Simply write her an email with your request.

Home of Jolanda supports friendship in every form. That is why Home of Jolanda offers a substantial discount for friends who’d like to follow courses together. When you book 2 places at the same time on the same course you get 10% discount (online code 2Friends). When you book 3 places at the same course you get 15% discount (online code 3Friends) and for 4 places you get a whole 20% off (online code 4Friends).

Borrow a sewing machine

Jolanda prefers that you use your own sewing machine on your course. That way you learn to use your own machine optimally. But not everyone has the opportunity to bring their own sewing machine. Under such circumstances you can borrow a suitable sewing machine for your course.

Please note that without a reservation at least 24 hours in advance, Jolanda cannot guarantee that a sewing machine is available on the day.


5,00 €

Read an eBook and print it

  1.   You choose on the webpage Patterns your pattern and order it. Or you choose the eBook option under a course on the webpages with the different courses on it
  2. After you have paid you receive an email from Jolanda with your eBook attached as a PDF file. Please note that in case of an eBook for a course, you get your eBook at the same date(s) as the course takes place.
  3. Open the email attachment i.e. PDF file by double clicking it. Now you can read your eBook or save it in your computer where you would like to store it.
  4. If you like to print your PDF file, in case you prefer to read from paper or you need a template, open your PDF file by double clicking on it. Press ‘print’ in your system. On your print screen make sure that the customised option for 100% scaling has been clicked. Now you can print your eBook.