Quilt Holiday 15 October - 19 october 2018


The quilt retreat at Home of Jolanda is becoming a small haven for Patchworker where they can hide away for a week from the world and its demands, enjoy the beautiful mountain sights where Home of Jolanda is situated and spent a week with like-minded souls…



In 2018 the Quilt retreat at Home of Jolanda is from 15th October until the 19th of October.



Jolanda works with you in advance to guarantee that your time with her is individualized to your needs. You can determine what you want to learn this week from Jolanda and she will bring your hobby and skills to a new level. The aim is to enjoy the friendly atmosphere that is so well known amongst patchworkers and benefit from Jolanda’s unique country style taste, experience and knowledge.


This patchwork holiday comes as a complete package. Included in the price are the workshop for five days, a hotel room for yourself for four nights in a four star hotel, four breakfasts, four evening meals, a professional massage and one trip into the Harz mountains.



You can view the details of the quilt retreat in German at www.vianova-urlaub.de/reisen/reise/quilt-retreat-workshop-im-harz/.  Or you can contact the travel agency directly in English for any further questions. Your contact is Steffi Feller 0049 3643 4933510 or email Steffi at s.feller@vianova-urlaub.de . The last booking date is 15th September 2018.


Quilt Holiday to Harrogate, England

A holiday to England with only quilts on the brain? Oh yeah, in 2018 you can travel with Jolanda to the Quilt Show in Harrogate, stay in a romantic English hotel, have a hand applique workshop with Jolanda and tour England, all of it at once with a group of like-minded people.



Jolanda learned her trade as teacher in hand quilting in England. She will accompany you on a trip full of inspirations and passions through the enchanting world of the Celtic culture. It is an opportunity not to be missed.



You can, of course, book at any time but you can also book the trip with your patchwork group. For more details you go to www.vianova-urlaub.de/reisen/reise/great-northern-quilt-show-in-harrogate/ or you contact Steffi at Vianova directly under 0049 3643 4933513.