Courses such as EQ7, Charity Quilts etc.

EQ7 Beginner

Monday 14.00-18.00 hrs            22. Januar 2018


Jolanda uses EQ7 weekly and has researched and used many parts of the design program. She knows it can be very hard to get started. The program can make you believe that your own designs are far out of reach. This afternoon EQ7 is explained in a simple language with easy to follow steps. Afterwards you can design with confidence your own patchwork and quilt ideas.

27,50 €

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EQ7 Advanced

Monday 28 January 2018 14.00 – 18.00 hrs


This course is perfect for those of you who already use EQ7 regularly. Even a regular EQ7 user comes regularly across issues that arise again and again. Jolanda will teach you new techniques to handle those problems. You also get the opportunity to hand in advance up to 5 questions to Jolanda, who will then answer and explain the solutions during the afternoon.

30,00 €

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