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Primary School Mechanical Sewing Machine

Saturday 11.00-15.00 hrs                                   27 October 2018


Mechanical sewing machines are up until today the cheapest and most used. These machines are reliable and varied. With this course you get to know your own sewing machine. Supported by a small sewing project you learn the different technical possibilities of your machine. And you learn a few basics with it.


40,00 €

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Primary School Computer Sewing Machine

Sunday 11.00-13.00 hrs  & 14.00-17.00 hrs          28 October 2018


Finally you got a computerised sewing machine! Sewing will be so much easier now… but a computer sewing machine has to be used in a very different way from the machine you had before. This course is meant to clarify how you use and maintain your sewing machine. With a small sewing project you learn to use the many different functions of your sewing machine.


40,00 €

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Build your own customised corset

Friday 1 March 2019       15.00-17.00 hrs


Saturday 2 March 2019   10.00-13.00 hrs & 14.00-17.00 hrs


Sunday 3 March 2019      10.00-13.00 hrs & 14.00-17.00 hrs


Monday 4 March 2019     10.00-13.00 hrs



This weekend Jolanda teaches you how to measure your won corset, draw a pattern and build it. The goal is a simple two layer corset with 12 bones, lacing on the back and a quick lock on the front. The course covers knowledge such as technical fabric use, measuring, read corset patterns and sewing machine knowledge. Regardless whether you have already sewn a corset and wears it regularly or whether this corset is your first ne, this course is perfect for you!



Course fee includes a personal kit including pattern paper, thread, bones, eyelets, quick lock, linen und fabric.


225,00 €

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