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Doodle Quilt Cushion

Saturday 17 February 2018                     14.30-17.30 hrs


Sunday 18 February 2018                       11.00-13.00 hrs & 14.00-17.00 hrs



Doodle quilting is one of those much loved techniques where you can let your creativity flow. Lots of my colleagues use this technique to fill surfaces. It is however a very decorative way to create a cushion cover. On Saturday you learn how to draw your own doodle with simple techniques. On Sunday you transfer your design on your fabric. You quilt that day with the machine your own drawing.


The matching kit contains 20” x 20” calico, 20” x 20” Fleece and 1 reel Aurifil quilt thread.


35,00 €

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Hand Quilt Day

Tuesday 10.00-13.00 hrs & 14.00-17.00 hrs          27 March 2018


Jolanda organizes every year a day for students where they can ask her any question they can think of about hand quilting. You also learn practical hand quilt techniques and how to design patterns for every opportunity. In the afternoon theory will be turned into practice when you design your own 40 x 40 cm wholecloth cushion and start working on it.


Beginner, Intermediate


50,00 €

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In Depth Machine Quilt Course

Wednesday 19.00-21.00 hrs           19, 26 September, 10, 24 October, 7, 21, 28 November, 5 December 2018


Have you seen many projects that have been quilted by machine, but you have no idea how to achieve the same with your machine? Jolanda teaches you during these six evenings how you can make the best out of your sewing machine. Jolanda uses simple instructions and gives you some homework to enable you to approach your machine quilting on a better level.

All techniques are being taught into detail. When you have problems with your tasks, Jolanda intervenes immediately until you have gained self confidence in your abilities.


Beginner, Intermediate

Machine Work

75,00 €

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Machine Quilting Day

Tuesday 6 November 2018                                                       10.00-13.00 hrs & 14.00-17.00 hrs


Have you seen many machine quilted projects but have no idea how you can achieve this on your machine? Jolanda can teach you this day how you can utilize your machine to the maximum. With the simple instructions from Jolanda and small practice samples she offers you this day, you can start with a whole new dimension to your patchwork tops. All you need to do afterwards is practice what Jolanda taught you!

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