This page will be gradually filled with the patterns that are available from Home of Jolanda via E book. When you buy one, Jolanda will send the e book to your email address. Some of the patterns are a direct download and therefor for free!


This quilt is suitable for a single bed and measures 64” x 89”. The pattern has of course been based on the charity quilt of 2014 ‘Villa Kunterbunt’. We all had a lot of fun sewing that one. This time though is the patchwork sewn in rotary cutting and no in foundation piecing. The pattern is filled with little tricks, but they are at a level that anyone can participate.


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Breakfast in Bed 70" x 70"

This pattern was available at the beginning of 2017 as a mystery quilt in an e book. Now you can order the complete set of instructions in one go. The quilt in the picture measures 70” square. With extra edges to the quilt you can also sew one 94” square. As I do not presume that you have experience in sewing patchwork, the instructions have been devised that a beginner can also sew this patchwork.


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All My Loving 76" x 76"

This quilt was originally designed as a picnic quilt. In the meantime it is one of the most beloved designs of the shop. Now you can make one too. The pattern is suitable to be sewn by less experienced piecer.


Available per e book.

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Owl Siblings

Owls are something special. Us humans love them in every way or form. Jolanda and Lupè, her daughter, created these owls, the owl siblings. The pattern is delivered per email as e book and has all three owls in it.


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Five Fat Peas 53" x 77"

Personally I love the Churn & Dash patchwork. It is therefore not a real surprise to see this quilt in my collection. This one I have sewn with Red Rooster fabrics. You can give this quilt your own personal touch with your own collection of fabrics.


Available as e book and suitable for beginners.

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Stars In Their Eyes

A client approached me with a collection of fabrics that she had bought many years ago for a quilt. Although she had kept the fabric, the original pattern had long been lost. All these colourful fabrics created this quilt with a very special quality. This pattern is suitable as well for the less experienced amongst us.


Available per e book.

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Book Cover

This book cover is free. Simply click on the download and follow the instructions on your screen. Have fun with creating!

Instructions Book Cover
Book cover.pdf
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6" Blocks

Blocks that would fit a Farmer's Wife quilt

 The blocks are all 6” square, that is the same size as the Farmer’s Wife quilt. They are available as e book. Personalize your quilt with these fabulous blocks.

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2 free downloads for the Farmer's Wife Quilt:

Air Castle
Air Castle 1897.pdf
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Greek Cross
Greek Cross 1897.pdf
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Arsenic and Old Lace

Jolanda’s version of the Farmer’s Wife quilt is called Arsenic and Old Lace. It has 73 patchwork blocks as single instructions. 72 blocks are use in a double sized quilt. All blocks are compatible with the Farmer’s Wife Quilt.


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Wild Horses

45" x 65"

Wild Horses has been put together with one of my favourite patterns, Scottish Plaid. I used the same block in a single quilt called Herbsttraum. This use of the pattern was designed on request of a client for her first grandchild. It is the perfect pattern for a scrap quilt and is suitable for beginners as well as advanced patchworkers. You can use one jellyroll of 40 strips of 2 1/2" wide in it.

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Free Pattern for Icecream & Sprinkles Quilt

Icecream & Sprinkles is a very much loved quilt by the public. In the shop it always attracts attention and people are often amazed that even the most novice of patchworker can actually make this pattern. Have fun with it!

Free Pattern Icecream & Sprinkles
Icecream and Sprinkles EN.pdf
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Inches for Dummies
Not all countries taught their children in the school to work with inches. With many patchwork patterns in inches one can easily be confused what and when to cut and sew. This free download assists you in your first steps with inches:
Inches for Dummies.pdf
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