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Patchwork Advent Calendar 2018

Christmas? Already? Well yes! You can treat yourself for the festive season now. Every day, from the 1st to 24th of December, you will be surprised in the morning with a small gift. Each gift is directly related to sewing and patchwork. Every day is different, every day brings new delight.



The patchwork advent calendar 2017 was loved all around by all of my customers. You can see in the video how your advent calendar is put together by Jolanda personally. Each year she guarantees it to be filled with new goodies and exciting surprises.


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All orders are definite and will be sent to the last provided mailing address from 12th November 2018 onwards. Advent calendar that are sent to an address outside Germany and within EU need to pay an extra 8,00 P&P. (outside the EU no advent calendars will be delivered)


82,50 €

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Rotary Cutters and Cutting Mats

Olfa remains the favourite brand when you are talking cutting techniques. The high quality and the prices are well balanced. My Ofa cutting mat is 8 years old and has been through wars. Yet I can still use it without any limitations. The cutting mats you can order in different sizes from me, but the rotary cutter only comes with a 45mm blade.

18,95 €

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505 Spray Glue

This spray glue is perfectly suited to glue your patchwork and backing to the wadding. It saves time and stays on until the glue comes in touch with water, warm or cold. The chemicals in this glue do not affect your materials in any way.

10,95 €

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Inch Rulers

As I teach patchwork to international standards, we work in my shop only in inches. People used to centimeters find it easier to work with inches when they are supported by a good ruler. Olfa has a black frosted ruler, quality for a good price. Omnigrid are the American rulers with yellow lines. Omnigrip has green lines. The backside is a little bit roughened for a better grip on the fabric. The kaleidoscope ruler is from Marti Michell and is used by many professionals.

38,25 €

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Olfa Rulers

15,25 €

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Kaleidoscope Ruler 6"-16" Block

28,50 €

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Needles for Hand Sewing

The needles of Clover have been made for Aurifil and YLI threads. They are smooth and easy to thread. There are quilt needles in the sizes 9, 10 and 12, and 12 are the smallest. The applique needles are available in size 10 and 12, whereas here the 10 the smallest are. I also sell universal needles for sewing by hand, they are called Milliner’s needles. Each package contains 15 needles.

2,49 €

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Fabric Scissors

These scissors from Prym are value for money. They are rustproof and are easy to handle. They cut through fabric as if it was butter. I do only ever use these scissors. The big one is perfekt for cutting fabrics. The middle size of 6” I use next to my sewing machine. The small one I use for applique.

17,99 €

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